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Police Rattles (Noise Makers)
Police Night Sticks
Police Challenge Coins
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What on earth is a rattle? For lack of a better description its a noise maker. Rattles
date back to the civil war and before in this country. They are used as an alarm to
signal trouble or some type of alert. Rattles have been used on early war ships by
sailors and in the trenches by soldiers. And yes, they were carried by police
officers. They come in many styles with both single and double reeds and some
even have folding handles. It is rare to find them with makers name and many will
have a mental base that secures the reeds or noise paddles. They are very
collectible. Matthew G. Forte has a book on police collectibles with some great
photos and history on rattles.
Night sticks, billy clubs, batons, or "be cool sticks". Whatever you want to call
them, night sticks have been an integral part of police equipment as long as
there have been officers on a beat. Varying in length and usually an inch or so in
diameter, night sticks could be used to defend or as an offensive weapon. By
pounding on the brick pavement a night stick could even be a signaling device.
Most were equipped with a lanyard which would allow the officer to let go of the
handle and not drop the stick. They were made of hardwood and had ridges cut
into the handle to enhance the grip. Most of today's batons are collapsible, made
of metal, and have yielded to a less bruising device called a taser.
There are many variations of night sticks and batons and they are very
collectible. Matthew G. Forte has some excellent photos and descriptions in his
book on American Collectibles.
Challenge coins are very cool. Virtually all of the armed forces and most large law
enforcement agencies have a challenge coin. They will have their unit insignia or
badge on one side and a design of choice on the other. They are carried with pride
as symbols of the men and women on the front lines at home and abroad.
The                                                                           offers challenge coins to everyone
with the proceeds going to the memorial fund.
Detroit Police Patches