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Ray McKey was a special person. He cared about family and friends and was
more than an ardent handcuff collector and a talented machinist. Ray shared
his knowledge with many and never looked down at those who were less

Ray grew up with a love of magic which turned into his hobby of collecting
restraints. Slowly but surely Ray began to collect handcuffs, first here in the
US and then from around the world. In the 1980’s Ray had what would have to
be considered the finest handcuff collection in the world, not just in numbers,
but in rare one of a kind restraints.

Ray sold his first collection in the later part of the 1980’s due to family illness
but never lost his passion for collecting handcuffs. In 2005 Ray decided to
start collecting again. Times had certainly changed with the advent of
computers and emails and of course internet auctions. Ray’s goal was to
collect about 100 handcuffs and leg irons with an eye on rare items that he
did not have in his first collection (there were not that many he didn’t have).

Ray very quickly reestablished himself as a serious collector and quickly
caught the attention of those of us that didn’t know him back in the day. I was
fortunate to get to know Ray though other collectors in the hobby and we
became good friends. Once Ray got a feel for what I liked, which is pretty
much everything, he seemed find great items for me to buy.

Ray became ill in May of 2012 but never complained and always maintained a
positive attitude. Knowing Ray was ill did not soften his passing. There is
certainly a void left in all of us who knew and loved him. Thanks to Ray’s
daughter, Cindy, Ray’s collection is being passed on to his friends and
collectors from around the world and will be a lasting legacy of a very special
man who will always be remembered.
Photos of Ray's Early
Photos of Ray's latest
Ray McKey